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Arcana Herbal is the passion project of two witches, Sadie McGarry and Dani Wright. Since embracing our own spiritual paths years ago, we have loved sharing our knowledge and experience with all kinds of other people - from seasoned practitioners to individuals just scratching the surface of the Craft. 

But we haven’t always been small business owners, in fact, we originally met working in the financial department of an oral surgery practice. We were great at what we did (verifying dental insurance and providing cost estimates for procedures to patients) but wow did it drain us energetically. It was here that we discovered the strong work ethic we had in common and the incredible team we formed. And when we realized we both had a passion for witchcraft? It was game over after that.  

We began making products to share with each other at work to help combat the major energetic drain our job environment had on us. And one day, while on our 10-minute afternoon break at the office, we had the off-hand idea to start an Etsy store. Excitedly we started brainstorming ideas for products and for the name of our online store. It wasn’t long before we invited our friend and incredibly talented designer, Erica Kilty-Warfield, to join our team. 

Over the next few years the three of us worked together on growing and developing Arcana Herbal until in the Spring of 2019 we officially opened our first brick and mortar store to the public. Through major life events of all kinds, we fiercely supported each other and our company. Arcana Herbal is the definition of a self-made business - no investors, no loans, no business degrees. Just good old fashioned trial and error, and lots of personal investments and sacrifice.

In 2021 our team (which has and always will be more like family) took the most major blow to date, when we experienced the loss of Erica’s husband, Collin Kilty-Warfield. From this massive life-altering tragedy, Erica made the extremely difficult decision to leave Arcana Herbal. And even though we will miss having Erica with us in business, she will always be our best friend, and we will continue to love and support each other through anything and everything. 

In this upcoming season for Arcana Herbal, transformation is in the air. As we navigate through new responsibilities and new opportunities, our store and brand will also evolve. But through beautiful and necessary change, our roots will always remain the same. A company dedicated to honesty and transparency in the products and services offered. A welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for witches of all ages, races, backgrounds, and experience levels. A place where balance is valued in the highest regard - the day and night, light and dark, life and death. A place of rejuvenative energy where you can truly nourish your inner witch.

OUR values



We honor both the day and night, the light and dark, life and death. 


Quality services and products that are up front about what they offer and their intended results.


Products with ethically-sourced ingredients. 


We hold ourselves just as accountable as others.


A judgement-free space to practice and learn witchcraft and spirituality. 


We offer a friendly demeanor, education, support, and resources for witches of all levels.

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