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Astrology 201 - On-Demand

Learn the foundations of Astrology through our 3 part, on-demand webinar series. Includes worksheets, reference guide, videos, resources, and slide deck.
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Astrology 201 - On-Demand

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Webinar Series

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Join us for a continued, three-part astrology course taught by Tiffany Tarsa where you will learn the foundation of Astrology (asteroids, aspects, and applied knowledge) and use it in practical, healing, enjoyable ways to get to know yourself on a deeper, cosmic, soul level. You will learn other aspects of your chart in a meaningful way. With these foundations, you'll gain an understanding of how these astrological components connect with one another and with your life.


  • Guided lecture webinars referencing your birth chart
  • Slide decks for reference
  • Reference Guides & Handouts
  • Resource Recommendations
  • No time limit

This on-demand course will give you access to the webinar videos, slide decks, worksheets, reference guides, and resources. There are no schedules or time limits so go at your own pace! 

After registering, you'll get an email with the course access link and password to enter. You can view and download the material to use during your studies.

*Sharing or selling course material is strictly prohibited and is copyrighted by Arcana Herbal, 2020.

  • Astrology 201 - On-Demand

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