Our community

Arcana Herbal is a safe and inclusive community and space. We are proudly co-owned by a POC, our house witch Sadie McGarry, and together we welcome witches and practitioners of all experience levels, income levels, ages, races, genders, sexualities, abilities, and backgrounds. Both Arcana Herbal co-owner, Sadie and Dani, use she/her pronouns, identify as queer/bisexual, are proud, ethical kinksters, and participate in consensual nonmonogamy and polyamory.


We do not tolerate hate speech, bigotry, racism, sexism, ableism, supremacy or elitism of any kind. We believe in supporting one another, lifting each other up, admitting and owning up to privilege, and - especially as mothers - living, speaking, and acting by example. It is our duty as members of the community to use our platform to give safe space and a voice to the voiceless and oppressed. 

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intentions & ethics

We also welcome all paths of witchcraft here! This is a JUDGEMENT-FREE space. Which means the intention behind any products purchased (i.e. for hexes or curses) is at the discretion of that customer alone. We discuss and encourage discussions of different philosophies, ideas, and theories with respect and mindfulness. As witches, many, if not most, of us have experienced harassment, bullying, and unfounded judgment. In this community we tap into our basic human decency and empathy to treat others with dignity and respect - even when we disagree.

arcana herbal is dedicated to Persephone

As devotees of Persephone, we embrace darkness as much as the light. This means we do not promote toxic positivity or willful ignorance. Our store is dedicated to providing quality services and products, and a judgement-free space to practice and learn witchcraft. At the storefront, our devotional altar to Persephone is a sacred place for worship and healing, and every month we donate all monetary offerings left for Persephone to a charity or nonprofit organization of our choice.

We would love to hear more about a charitable or nonprofit organization special to you! Fill out the form below to submit your request for next month’s donation. 


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