10 Awesome Ways to Reuse Your Tins


We are dedicated to protecting the environment from unnecessary waste and that means recycling and reusing perfectly good containers. There are many ways that you can use your empty tins after you're done with your scrub or candles. Take a look at just some ideas on how you can make a container useful and feeling good about no waste!

Prior to reusing the tins, rinse thoroughly and make sure there are no left over remnants from the product. These are dishwasher safe too.

1. Fill the tin with q-tips and put it in your bathroom for an organized vanity. Easy and cute!

2. Fill the tin with small stones then put your makeup brushes in for beautiful and organized makeup storage.

3. Have some lose tea bags in your drawers? Put them in the tin and lid it.

4. For you arts and crafts lovers - store small items like beads.

5. Fill with soil and plant some herbs. Set in front of a window and watch them grow.

6. Have some fun creating your own spice mix and store in the tin for later use.

7. Store your hair-ties and bobby pins.

8. Make a small terrarium!

9. Carefully poke holes in a patten on the side and put a tea light candle in. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.

10. Fill with sugar and leave near your coffee maker for an easy morning with no mess.