Holiday Gift Guide for Witches

These days, people are wanting more and more handmade items that are made with care and attention. No longer do we buy cheaply made items to toss under a tree haphazardly. Give your loved ones something you know they'll love and that will show them just how much they mean to you.

Whether you're buying for your best friend, your mom, or even yourself, this gift guide will give you tons of amazing, beautiful, modern, and thoughtful ideas.

1. Graphic Print

"We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn" print is available in our shop in a variety of sizes. This one is great for the edgy witch in your life who likes the world to know her magical ways.


2. Herbal Loose-Leaf Tea

Psychic Tea - our unique blend of damiana, kava root, cinnamon, and catnip make this tea absolutely PERFECT for the fall and winter season. It has a really delicious and comforting flavor with a hint of sweetness. When the snow is falling and it's time for bed, brew up some of this Psychic Tea to enhance the dream state (and to feel really cozy).


3. Passion Kit

Want to get something REALLY special?! This kit is for you (or from you). This Passion Kit includes a variety of our products all intended to increase feelings of love and passion. Do you know someone who wants to increase their feelings with their partner? Maybe you want to gift it to YOUR partner? In any case, this kit is all you'll need. It includes a crystal, smokeless smudge mist, a candle, and more!


4. Smokeless Smudge Mist

Have you ever wanted to rid the negative energy in your home, office, or other space but you weren't able to light a bundle or have smoke? No worries! Get this Smokeless Smudge Mist to cleanse your space ANYWHERE you are! No smoke, no fuss, no cleanup. Simple bring it with you to work or keep it at home to freshen up.


5. Crystal Candle

Alright, who doesn't love a beautiful candle? This is a fool-proof gift for basically anyone in your life. Our Crystal Candles are made with soy-wax which is much healthier for the air and is infused with quartz and loose herbs.


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