32 Herbs & Their Metaphysical Properties

Working with plants can be an important part of your practice. It's definitely something that we focus on because of the endless spiritual, physical, and mental health benefits of them. You can use herbs and plants for a variety of things like creating loose incense, teas, writing spells on, casting circles, and so much more. Before using plants it's great to know what the properties of them are so you can choose the appropriate one for your rituals although don't be afraid to use what's on-hand in case you don't have something.

Here are 32 plants that we use frequently and that you can incorporate into your practice. Prior to use, be sure to research any cautions to ensure safe use. Some plants are not safe for ingesting, some are toxic went burned, some can cause allergies, etc.

1. Bay Leaves

MAGICKAL USES: Protection, Psychic Powers, Healing, Purification, Strength

NATUROPATHY: Anxiety relief, cancer prevention, aids in managing diabetes, hair growth, alleviates a variety of respiratory conditions, aids in digestion, lowers levels of stress hormones, eliminates bad cholesterol, and aids in reducing inflammation.

2. Benzoin (Resin)

MAGICKAL USES: Purification, Prosperity

NATUROPATHY: Used for skin ulcers, bedsores, and other external wounds.