How to Light Palo Santo Wood

Palo Santo (meaning Holy Wood) is a sacred wood that comes from South African Palo Santo trees (Bursera Graveolens). It is used in ritual to invite positive energy in and draw negative energy out. It is a common and natural tool for energy work and can serve many purposes, namely energy cleansing. When burned it has a uniquely sweet and earthy scent that is beautifully uplifting and pleasant.

Palo Santo may be less familiar than the usual incense sticks, incense cones, herbal bundles, etc. Although it may be less familiar to you, it's easy to use! There are a couple of different ways to burn Palo Santo wood sticks so choose your favorite and you may even come up with your own unique way of using it.

1. Light one end

Using a lighter, match, or candle, light one end of the Palo Santo stick while holding the other end. This wood is rather dense so it won't burst into flames or even stay lit for very long. Keep the flame to the wood until the wood lights on the end similar to how you would light an incense stick. Once lit, blow out the flame.

2. Let it burn a bit

Because the Palo Santo wood is dense, you'll want to let the wood burn with a flame for about 3-10 seconds so the wood can begin smoldering. The smoldering is what helps release the scent and cleansing energy.

3. Let it smolder and smoke

Once the wood is smoldering, it will release the smoke. It's a beautifully light, sweet, and earthy scent that tends to warm the soul of almost anyone. The smoke is not strong or heavy so you won't need to worry about it billowing or smothering your space.