What To Do After A Spiritual Reading

Have you ever had a spiritual session? This is a broad umbrella term that is meant to encompass the many ways an individual or third party - often a professional - can help strengthen your connection to Spirit, and usually with the intent to heal, manifest, and/or forecast. A session can look like a lot of different things; think tarot reading, a Reiki session, energy reading/healing, an astrology reading, spirit connection and communication (mediumship), and the broad term, psychic reading. Very generally speaking, the individual or professional channels information to aid you in your highest good, through their own unique abilities and knowledge.

The experience can be intensely powerful, often striking a deep chord that can not only hit you immediately, but can then resound for a long period of time. This sounds intimidating, I know! I agree, most of us feel incredibly uncomfortable when we receive such strong validation and it’s a concept I’ve covered in much more depth over on That Witch Next Door. But I also believe to my core that this is a good thing that occurs. And not only completely worth the cathartic moments, but is a time and energy that can and should be harnessed and nurtured.

That said, how can we best spend our time immediately following a spiritual session? How can you best apply the new information and perspective you’ve been offered?

The following list is not exhaustive, it is a starting point to inspire you. The main idea is to avoid anyone or anything that causes you distress because you will be feeling more sensitive than usual. The suggestions below are very purposefully open-ended so that you can adjust where necessary to fit your unique lifestyle.

Acknowledge + Accept Your Emotional And Mental Flow

We’re going to get the hardest, but most important tip over with first. I’ll fully admit, this is easier said than done, but try not to suppress your thoughts and feelings. Many are going to arise, this is natural as your brain processes the experience. Try to embrace yourself fully (literally, give yourself as many hugs as you need!) by meeting your emotional, intell